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Anousakis - Main Component


Bottling of beer requires isobaric filling machines with special technical characteristics, in order to avoid frequently occurring problems (i.e. beer foaming, levelling difference in bottles, etc.).

Beer can be bottled in cans, in crown capped glass bottles, as well as in pet bottles with plastic screw caps.

Water - Juice - Soft drinks

Gravity or isobaric filling machines are selected, depending on the type of the product. Additionally, the appropriate disinfection systems (e.g. CIP, UV lamps, etc.) required for the specific application are selected.

Filters, pasteurizers, premixes are available for product processing.

Water, juices and soft drinks can be bottled in pet bottles with plastic screw caps, in cans and in glass bottles with screw caps.
Regarding the type of label that can be used, there are many available options (e.g. sleeves, transparent labels, etc.), enabling the implementation of unique ideas/ products.

Wines / Drinks

For drinks there is the option of using bottles bearing engraved logos, as well as non-symmetrical shaped bottles, with the use of a labelling machine that can orientate the labels in relation to the bottle logo.

Shrink capsules for the bottles can be placed either individually or simultaneously with the label.

Wines/ drinks can be bottled in pet bottles with plastic screw cap, in glass bottles with aluminum screw cap or with a cork/ champagne cork.

Food - Olive oil

Vinegar, vinegar creams, milk, olive oil and other vegetable oils (seed oils, etc.) can be bottled in pet bottles with a plastic screw or pressed stop, in glass bottles with an aluminum screw stop and flow regulator, or in cans from 0.25 to 5 lt (most commonly used for olive oil).

Depending on the product, a gravity filling machine, with high or low vacuum or a volumetric filling machine is selected.

For olive oil, there are several options for filtering (diatomaceous earth filters or paper filters).

Pasteurizers for milk processing are also available.

Home care products

For the bottling of home care products (e.g. surface cleaners, surface disinfectants - bleach, window cleaners, dishwashing liquids, clothes detergents, etc.) and personal hygiene products (e.g. liquid soaps, shampoos, etc.) bottling machines with materials resistant to the products used are selected.

They are bottled in various types of bottles, depending on the product (e.g. plastic bottles with screws or safety caps, sprays, etc.).


For the bottling and packaging of alcohol and lotions, lamp oils, mineral oils and deionized water, bottling machines made of materials resistant to the products used are selected.

In addition, EX-certified anti-explosive machines are available, wherever necessary for the application.